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Gown Sale at the Gala Expo 2012

Over 1000 gowns heavily reduced in price.
Wedding Gowns at $99, $199, $299, etc...
Prom Dresses starting at $49.
Bridesmaid and Gala Gowns starting at $15.

General Information
Do we need to register?
There will be an opportunity for future brides to start registering online in January.  Brides registered before February will receive special show gifts.
Is there an admission cost to the gown sale? 
The one time ticket purchase to enter the Gala Expo entitles you to view and purchase the gowns.
How do I get a ticket to get in the sale? When does it start?
You can purchase tickets through the Moncton Coliseum Box Office, online, or at selected participating sponsors. The sale will begin at noon, which is two hours after the doors of the coliseum open.
How do I get entered in the draw for the car? Do you need to be there to win?
A ballot for a chance to win the car will be given upon entrance of the show.  There are other ways to receive ballots for a chance to win the car. No purchase is necessary. An extra ballot, however, will be given to those who purchase a dress or a Wedding Bells Magazine.  WINNER MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN. There will also be several prizes from exhibitors throughout the day.  There will be a winners board at the ballot drum booth.

Can the gowns in the fashion show be purchased at the show?
The modelled gowns will be available for purchase after the fashion shows. However, they are not heavily discounted like most others.

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Gown Information, Payment, Terms
Why are the prices so low? Are they new?
This is a promotional sale on discontinued and overstock gowns, and are sold as is. All gowns are new, and most of them still have designer tags.
Can we see and buy the dresses before the show? 
Some of the gowns can be viewed and purchased at ACS Formals prior to the Gala Expo. Most sale gowns will be added for the show. Selected 2012 gowns will be brought and sold at a reduced price.
Can we put a gown on hold?
Gowns will not be held in February prior to the show, nor during the show. The only exception is if you wish to pay by credit or debit card and the merchant terminal is not working. If this is the case and you are from out of town, there are several payment options and we will send your gown with free delivery. 
What are methods of payment and terms of the sale?
Cash, Visa, Mastercard and Debit will be accepted.
Applicable taxes will be added to the prices of the gowns. If the tag says $299, the final price will be $337.87.
Gowns must be paid in full, and are non-refundable.

What if the price tags come off?
We have a list of all the gowns and prices which will prevail in case the tags are mixed up.
Is this an annual event?
The Gala Expo is an annual event and is already booked for preceeding years. The number of gowns and the designers for the sale will vary from year to year.

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Can I promote my business at your show?
Yes, there are sponsor and exhibitor opportunities. Contact us for more details.
Will I miss out if I arrive later?
There will be lots of promotional material, however please keep in mind there may not be enough for everyone. Please email us after the show if you wish to receive certain give aways and information materials from the show, and we will forward the request to sponsors.

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Show layout and sale items
Are there mirrors and change rooms?
There will be a limited number of mirrors and privacy areas along the wall.
How are gowns arranged? What type of dresses are there?
The gowns will be sectioned by prom, wedding, and bridesmaids/mothers/special occasion.
What happens if there is a storm?
In case of a storm heavy enough to stop the show, there will be a back up date.

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Important Tips
What are some tips to be a successful gown shopper at the show?
1. You may want to wear a sports bra and biker shorts, or body suit, so you can try gowns on anywhere.
2. Leave the make-up at home, and be considerate handling the gowns.
3. Bring helpers who have similar taste in style, to hold your belongings, and help you try on gowns.
4. It may sound ridiculous, but it may be helpful for you and your helpers to wear matching colors or hats. It'll be easier to find each other in crowds and it may ad some fun. Reception for cell phones may not work.
5. Arrive early for best selection, or later when it's calmer. The first brides and grads in line will have their ticket stamped to exchange for an information pack on the way out.
6. Be considerate giving up your dresses quickly so that other brides have a chance to try them.
7. Most gown sizes run small, so it's likely you'll need a size or two bigger than your usual clothes size. A perfect fit is rare... at these prices, the cost of alterations may be worth the price of the dress. Rose from Rose's Alterations will be floating around to answer some questions and give suggestions.
8. Be open minded. The dress of your dreams may not be the style you had in mind since you were a little girl... you'll never know until you try it on.
9. Prom grads: we will check our school sales list to avoid duplication of a gown worn to the same prom. Please keep in mind we don't have control over sold gowns from other stores. Although, if it is a discontinued gown, you're even more likely to have a unique gown.
10. Most importantly... Have Fun!! If you find a dress, great. If not, come visit us for our new 2009 line.

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Your time and interest is very much appreciated.
Sincerely, ACS Formals' staff and constituants.


Johan Levyssohn Owner/operator
ACS Formals ~ Gala Promotions
830 Coverdale Rd.
Riverview, NB
E1B 5E2
Phone: 506 386-3889
Fax: 506-382-4252 email:thegala@rogers.com